Different Types of Portable Baby Cribs

portable baby cribs

Modern parents are much more on the move than earlier generations and a portable crib can save the day for the parent on the move. We do more things and need to be able to juggle parenting, work, home chores and leisure into our daily mix. Above all, we travel a lot more, both long distance on vacation and closer to home as when visiting friends and family, and if you have kids then you know that this can be difficult. This is where portable cribs can save your day and allow you to stay mobile while maintaining a high level of comfort and security for you baby.

There is a portable baby bed out there for everyone as they come in all shapes and colors and with a multitude of activity features to keep your baby occupied. These baby bed variations generally come in three main shapes:

1) Ultra portable cribs that often fold into a bag. These are made of modern materials and may look like mini tents for kids. They offer a safe, well aired and shaded environment for your baby while visiting friends or when staying outdoor. These ultra portable cribs are very lightweight and bundle up into a small pack which makes them perfect for travel.

2) A baby bed with wheels that is mainly used at home. The portability of these cribs comes from wheels that make them easy to move around, even with a sleeping baby. These types of larger portable cribs are often a multipurpose bed made of modern materials and may come with a bassinet, a number of storage areas, activity toys and crib tents. While most do fold and are quite lightweight, they are less suitable for travels with many stops.

3) A folding, traditional baby bed that is mainly used at home. These baby beds have a classic look with ribs and are often made of natural materials in different wood finishes. Most models allow you to set different height levels of the bed surface and some are convertible from bed into play yard. Most come with wheels and fold into a flat package that makes them easy to transport to the grandparent’s house for longer stays.

Most baby beds sold today fall into any of the above categories and may be considered a portable crib.

Which portable cribs are best for you will depend on your requirements but we recommend you at least get one with wheels and that fits through your doorways, so that you can push the crib around the house as you move around. Looking for the best baby cribs online can be challenging. Just take your time and you will find that correct crib for your baby.

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