So i have been searching and searching for a long time on seo companies to rank my wine affiliate website and came across a website called RankersParadise.

seo packages
seo packages

I never knew what seo was or seo packages until i found this website. It contains all of the facts and more and you can even purchase the proven strategies too for low prices.

I was a bit nervous to be honest at the start of paying 300 dollars for the monthly seo package they offer, as personally to myself it is alot of money, and i didn’t know who this company was to be precise. It could have been anyone.

Anyway they have three seo packages including a starter, an advanced and a business. So i chose the starter package for my wine affiliate site. Let me tell you something i had backlinks every single day for 30 days on my website from this company. I was receiving at least 20 backlinks every day, including blog comments, web 2.0 backlinks and posts from guest sites. I was very impressed. I was able to stop and start when i wanted but they didn’t recommend it, they said i had to get a steady flow of backlinks to my site all of the time, UNDERSTANDABLE!

I am on month 3 at present with them and what can i say my site is page 1. BIG SHOCK , i didn’t expect this at all to be honest. My site is receiving traffic and emails too 🙂

This company rankersparadise i would definately recommend for their seo services as well as their monthly seo packages.